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Vahusari Lawyers is a multi-disciplinary office which offers solutions to all types of judicial issues in the province of Tarragona.  More information about Vahusari

Comprehensive Legal Advice

We are orientated towards private clients as much as we are towards small and medium-sized businesses. Our ample team of professionals allows us to offer very specific services under a single strategic direction. More information about the lawyers

Professional Legal Services

We offer services in company law, financial, commercial, real estate, civil, tax, inheritance, labor, administrative and criminal law. We also specialise in bankruptcy law and investment advice abroad. More information about Services

Some of our more common services

Speedy trials, immigration matters, blood alcohol level cases, divorce, cohabiting, traffic accidents, claims for damages, business constitutions, mergers, divisions, inheritance, succession, VAT, personal income tax, corporate tax, buying and selling, mortgages, leases ...

Rambla Nova 118 -120

43001 Tarragona,

Catalonia, Spain

Phone: (+34) 977 217 064

Fax: (+34) 977 244 605

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